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Translation and Interpreting

Program Codes:   

Certificate in Consecutive Interpretation (Z080)1

Certificate in Translation (Z079)1

Degrees: M.P.S. and Certificate
School:  Arts/Humanities
General Requirements: Statement of Purpose
  TOEFL/IELTS/PTE (international graduate students)*
Program-Specific Requirements: Letters of Recommendation (3)
  Supplementary Application
  Supplementary Application 2
  Proof of residency*
  Admissions tests (contact
Application Deadlines: August 18, 2021 (Spring 2022 International)
  November 17, 2021 (Spring 2022 Domestic)
  February 16, 2022 (Fall 2022 International)
  April 1, 2022 (Fall 2022 Domestic)
Contact Program:

*A minimum of 6 months proof of residency in a country where your primary acquired language is spoken.

1. The Golden Identification Program is not eligible for Continuing Education Programs (Graduate, Post-Baccalaureate, Non-Credit Learning) administered through the Office of Extended Studies. To learn more about Golden ID, click here.