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Tex’ What You Can Get: Introduction to LaTeX for Academic Writing

January 23, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

1224 ESJ (Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center)

RSVP here and make sure to bring your laptop if you will attend
LaTeX (pronounced "Lay-tek" or "Lah-tek") is a powerful typesetting system whose usefulness extends through multiple disciplines. It is widely used to produce professional documents, particularly those that include mathematical equations, tables, and figures.
While formatting with LaTeX is often highly preferred over other software programs such as Word, the steep learning curve associated with LaTeX may often seem intimidating for beginners.
Starting from scratch, this workshop will guide participants through installation and document creation for thesis writing, CVs, and publication ready manuscripts. No prior knowledge of LaTeX or any programming language is necessary.
We will provide a basic framework for implementing equations, figures, tables and managing references through Bibtex, as well as softwares such as Mendeley and Endnote. For more advanced LaTeX users, we will also briefly discuss topics such as macros in LaTeX and add-ons such as LaTeXiT. 
After the workshop, you'll have the chance to stick around and work with us on transferring your CV over to a LaTeX template.
Hosted by: COMBINE (Computation and Mathematics for Biological Networks)--please contact COMBINE directly with questions.


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