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Request for Electronic Report of Examining Committee

Updated March 4, 2021

The Dean has proactively approved all requests for a remote defense for the 2020-2021 academic year, so committee chairs do not currently need to submit a request for a remote thesis or dissertation defense. All thesis and dissertation committee chairs are instead required to submit a request for the electronic Report of Examining Committee (REC) form.  A request for the REC must be made at least 10 business days before the scheduled defense. Starting on October 12, 2020 all thesis and dissertation defenses are required to submit this request via the following form:  

Please note that for any remote defenses requested before October 12, 2020, the committee will follow the prior approval process.  This new process is not retroactive.

Once the Graduate School receives a complete request for the electronic REC, we will initiate the process to generate the REC form in Adobe Sign.  All committee members (even those external to UMD) will be able to access the form using the email provided on the Nomination of Committee form.  The REC will be sent 3-5 business days before the scheduled oral defense. 

Below is more information about the process to request the REC and approve (sign) the form in Adobe Sign.  You can also view this brief video for an overview of the process.

  1. After the student’s committee is approved by the Office of the Registrar, the committee chair (or designee) will submit a request for the electronic Report of Examining Committee (REC) by going here

    In order to complete the form, the committee chair must have a copy of the approved Nomination of Committee form, the student’s information including full name and UID, as well as all committee members’ names and emails. The email address provided for each committee member will serve as authentication when accessing the electronic Report of Examining Committee via Adobe Sign.

  1. Once the information for the REC has been submitted via Google Form, all committee members will receive a link via email to the Electronic Report of Examining Committee in Adobe Sign.

  2. Once the student has successfully defended their thesis or dissertation, all committee members should access the REC form sent via email and submit their approval for the student’s defense.

  3. When all committee members have submitted their approval, the form will automatically route to the Program Director for final approval.

  4. Once the Program Director submits their approval, the form automatically routes to the Office of the Registrar. No other action is needed from the graduate program at that time. All members of the committee will be notified by Adobe Sign that the form is complete.  Please retain a copy for your records.

Resources on How to Access Adobe Sign to Submit REC Approval

For step by step instructions, please watch this video:
For helpful tips and resources, please go here:

Important Deadlines

Please be sure to review all important deadlines by going here: