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When will I hear an admissions decision?

When will I hear an admissions decision?

Admissions recommendations are made by the department to the Graduate School, and most applicants should hear news concerning the decision on their application for fall admission by latest March/early April, for spring admissions by November/December. Departmental admissions recommendations are then submitted to the Graduate School for final review and admissions decision.

Once admitted by the Graduate School:

  • The student is notified via email that a decision has been rendered and prompted to log back into their application dashboard to read his/her decision letter.
  • The letter sends the student to the enrollment form, within the application dashboard, which requires the student to accept or decline the admissions offer.
  • That form notifies the Graduate School and the program of the student’s enrollment decision.
  • More communications, both from the Graduate School and the program, follow – regarding orientation, campus life and services.

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