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I am an international applicant. What should I know about sending my transcripts and diplomas?

I am an international applicant. What should I know about sending my transcripts and diplomas?

Submitting Academic Records in the Application:

  • Applicants will need to upload PDF or scanned PDF copies of their transcripts into the application portal. If you have already graduated, please also include a scan of the degree certificate(s)/diploma(s). Transcripts, degree certificates, and diplomas should be uploaded in the same combined PDF, with a maximum file size of 4MB. 
    • For transcripts uploaded in the application: these must show all the courses you have taken during all semesters, and the grades/marks you have received. The grading scale of your institution and your average final grade/GPA/classification should be included. If there are descriptions of the coursework (content, etc.), they should be included.
    • For degree certificates/diplomas, we are looking for the final, formal document that shows the Degree Conferred and Date of Degree Conferral. Degrees can be verified only through official copies of diplomas, or by a notation of degree conferred and date of conferral on your official academic record(s).
      • If your degree was from China, please include both the Graduation Diploma (毕业证书) and the degree certificate (学士学位证书 for a Bachelor's, 硕士学位证书 for if you earned a Master's, 博士学位证书 for if you earned a Doctorate), as well as certified, literal English translations of each.
      • If your degree was from India, please upload the final degree certificate. You may upload the provisional degree certificate if you graduated in the last year, AND if the final degree certificate has not yet been issued.
    • If your institution does not issue records in English, official English translations must be provided/uploaded, and the original language records must be submitted/uploaded, as well. Only translations issued by the institution or a professional translating service will be accepted. Translations must be literal.


Submitting Official Academic Records During Your First Semester:

  • If an applicant becomes an admitted student, they will then need to submit official academic records during their first semester (including official transcripts, degree certificates, and certified, literal English translations where applicable). This is typically noted in the decision letter under the Conditions of Enrollment.
  • To be deemed ‘official’, academic records must be either original or verified copies that bear the institutional seal and official signature of your institution. If you become admitted, you will need to submit a hard copy of each official transcript in a sealed envelope during your first semester of enrollment, as well as show proof of the degree awarded. Proof of the degree awarded is typically in the form of submitting an attested copy of the degree certificate in a sealed envelope, or bringing the original degree certificate into our office.


If the authenticity of your academic documents is in question or if they are indiscernible, you may be required to obtain an evaluation from a foreign credential evaluation service. In this case, you would be contacted by the Graduate School.

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