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Diversity Recruitment Working Group Team

The Graduate School Diversity Recruitment Working Group (GS DRWG) Team provides strategic planning, best practices, and campus-wide collaboration in diversity recruitment to graduate study at University of Maryland.  The Team consists of faculty, staff, and graduate students invested in the recruitment of diverse students/populations, e.g., women in STEM, students of color, students with disabilities, non-traditional students, first-generation students, low-income students, LGBTQ+ students, veterans, interfaith and religious diversity into graduate school.

The Office of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion (OGDI) Director, Christopher Pérez, coordinates the activities of the Team in a collaborative setting to prepare Team members for year-round recruitment initiatives.

Current Members:

Christopher Pérez


Office of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion, The Graduate School

Megan Elizabeth Petry

Graduate Program Coordinator,

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Tagrina Halim

Program Coordinator,

The Universities at Shady Grove

Pin-Wuan Lin

Administrative Coordinator,

Department of AREC

Katherine Angel Joyner

Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Maryland,

A. James Clark School of Engineering

Tom Hurst

Assistant Director for Graduate Education, Dept. of Computer Science (CMSC)

Rosemary Parker


Center for Minorities in Science and Engineering

Nancy Gray Smith

Assistant Clinical Professor, Assistant Director of Graduate Student Services, School of Public Health

Nadine Dangerfield

Assistant Director of Graduate Studies, Anthropology

Marcia Shofner

Senior Lecturer,

Department of Entomology

Kim Nickerson

Assistant Dean, Equity Administrator and Diversity Officer, College of Behavioral and Social Scienes

Kerri Poppler James

Associate Director of Graduate Studies,

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Joshua Singer


Department of Biology

Josh Kiner

Research Coordinator,

CMNS-Department of Entomology

Jose-Luis Izursa


Department of Environmental Science and Technology

Iqbal Hamza


Department of Animal and Avian Sciences

Carly S. Woods

Associate Professor and Co-Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Communication

Evelyn Cooper

Assistant Dean for Academic Programs & Director of Retention and Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives & AGNR SROP Program Director

Edgar Moctezuma

Senior Lecturer,

Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics

Daniel Serrano

Senior Faculty Specialist,

CMNS-IREAP-Institute for Research in Electronics & Applied Physics

Cristina Garcia

Program Coordinator,

Graduate Office, ​Department of Mathematics

Charles Delwiche


CMNS-Department of Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics

Bill Churma

Assistant Director,

Academic & Student Affairs, Bioengineering

Ankur Srivastava

Director, Institute for Systems Research


Former Associate Dean, Graduate Programs

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Robert Burgard

Administrative Asstistant II,

Department of Women's Studies

Hugh Bruck

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs,

A. James Clark School of Engineering and Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Freddy Cisneros

Ph.D. Student,

Department of Physics, UMD SACNAS chapter president

Jeff Waters

Manager of Graduate Student Services

INFO-College of Information Studies

Javier Navarro Rueda

Ph.D. Student,

Fischell Department of Bioengineering

Brent Hernandez


ARCH-School of Architecture, Planning, & Preservation

Zakiya Whatley

Program Manager,

CMNS-College of Computer, Math & Natural Sciences

Tammy Hendershot

Academic Program Manager,

Graduate & Undergraduate Programs

Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Science

Christopher D. Ellis

Professor and Director of Landscape Architecture

Department of Plant Science and Landscape Architecture

Brit I. Saksvig

Associate Clinical Professor,

Director of Graduate Student Services

School of Public Health

Lester Andrist

Program Director,

Master of Professional Studies

in Public Safety Leadership and Administration

Juliet Aiken

Assistant Clinical Professor 

Department of Psychology

Rishov Goswami


Nicholas Slaughter

Coordinator for Graduate Affairs

GerShun Avilez


Deanna Barath

Ph.D. Student,

School of Public Health

Susan Harkins 


Kimberly Johnson

Coordinator, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, BSOS