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All Big Ten Academic Alliance institutions share the same SROP online application, allowing you to apply to multiple programs with only one submission of your materials. To apply for an SROP program at the University of Maryland, please submit your application through the SROP Online Application, and be sure to choose University of Maryland during that application process.  The SROP Online Application is open from November 1, 2017 through February 10, 2018.

If you are applying to the BSOS SRI program, UMD requires a supplemental application.


After completing the SROP online application, BSOS SRI applicants are required to submit a supplemental application which will ask for a current curriculum vita (C.V.) or résumé and a 500-1500 word personal statement.  Please review the application advice and Instructions and then proceed to the Application Portal.

BSOS SRI Application Advice Sheet

Personal Statement Instruction Sheet

BSOS SRI Supplemental Application Portal

If applying to a program not supported by BSOS SRI, please complete the SROP online application. The UMD program may contact you for additional information

UMD SROP Program Dates & Application Deadlines

BSOS SRI 2018 Program Dates June 4, 2018 through July 28, 2018
Public Health UM*STAR 2018 Program Dates June 2, 2018 through August 10, 2018
Humanities SROP Program Dates June 4, 2018 through July 28, 2018
STEM SROP Program Dates June 4, 2018 through July 28, 2018
SROP Application Deadline February 10, 2018
UMD BSOS SRI Supplemental Application Deadline February 10, 2018

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The Graduate School, University of Maryland

2123 Lee Building
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