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Register for the Summer Symposium: Invest In Your Success

May 19, 2020

Join the Graduate School on May 26-29 for the 4th annual Summer Symposium: Invest In Your Success. This four-day virtual workshop series includes sessions focused on staying motivated, setting goals, and making progress with writing and career plans. Sessions will be held from 10-11:30am each day.  

Tuesday, May 26

Overcoming Procrastination: How to Get Started When You Get Stuck, presented by Dr. Noah Collins, senior staff psychologist and member of the primary training staff at the UMD Counseling Center; Affiliate Faculty in the Counseling Psychology program

Graduate students frequently identify procrastination—putting off something that is in our best interest to do—as a concern. Often when we are stuck, we get into a cycle of conflicts between different parts of ourselves. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to identify the patterns that result in procrastination and discover ways to get out of it. 

Wednesday, May 27

Setting Your Goals for Summer, presented by Dr. Marquita Qualls, Certified Coach, founder of entropia Consulting and the Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs for the GEM Consortium.

Summer is an optimal time to reassess needs, reimagine your ethos, and mentally prepare to successfully achieve your goals. Graduate students are facing a difficult time right now, quickly transitioning to digital platforms, managing unforeseen stressors, and facing uncertain career prospects challenge day-to-day planning and organizing.  Now more than ever, it will be vital for graduate students to adopt planning strategies and set goals. Certified professional coach Dr. Marquita Qualls leads this goal setting session to help you plan, organize, and manage resources to deliver successful completion of defined goals during this moment of crisis.

Thursday, May 28

Ways to Write Well This Summer, presented by Dr. Linda Macri, Director of Academic and Professional Development, UMD Graduate School

Anxious about the writing you need to accomplish this summer, or about writing in general? In this session, you’ll learn about the ways the Graduate School Writing Center is available to support your writing this summer, from consultations to retreats to workshops. More importantly, you’ll learn how writing could be a source of wellness for you, instead of anxiety.

Friday, May 29

Stay Calm and Carry On: How to Maintain Your Career & Professional Momentum During COVID-19, presented by Dr. Susan Martin, Director of Professional and Career Development, UMD Graduate School 

This summer is a great time to (re)focus on your career and professional development. Let’s explore together what you can do during COVID-19. We will begin with a quick assessment to uncover areas on which you might expand your “career toolkit”. Attendees will learn how to leverage online career tools and strategies that work. You will leave this session with “realistic optimism” about  your career options and/or job search.

Register at Please email Linda Macri at with any questions.

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