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New Graduate Student Orientation


#NewGradTerps Orientation 2023

We are so happy to welcome you to your first semester as a GradTerp!

The Graduate School is hosting our campus-wide Graduate School New Student Orientation asynchronously through ELMS-Canvas. Anyone with UMD credentials can access the orientations through Open Learning. For all new GradTerps, please follow the steps below to access the orientations. We ask that students plan to complete the orientation by Wednesday, August 30. The links to the 2023 courses are below.

STEP 1 - Activate the Directory ID you will use to log into everything.
If you have not yet done so, visit: and click "Activate Account." You will then be prompted to enter your information and set your password.

STEP 2 - Set up your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
In order to log in to university systems, you first need to set up MFA for security purposes. Visit for instructions on how to use your phone or a list of codes.

STEP 3 - Log in to the Open Learning Orientation Mini-Course
The videos and pages labeled as “required” will take you roughly 45-60 minutes to complete. You do not have to do it all at the same time, and you’ll always be able to return to access all of the optional linked resources. Please plan to complete the orientation by Wednesday, August 30st. Orientation links are below.


STEP 4 - Complete the Required Modules and Download your Certificate
The Graduate School New Student Orientation is designed around Graduate Pathways Framework to help all students approach graduate school in a holistic way. 

  • Introductions & Overview – Greetings from President Pines, Dean Roth, Dr. Dodge, and others. 
  • Setting Goals – Understanding benchmarks and degree requirements, time management, and making “SMART” goals.  
  • Becoming an Expert – Evidence-based learning and performance strategies, mentorship, the Libraries.
  • Managing Your Career – Professional development, career services, networking, job search support. 
  • Communicate & Lead – Developing strong written and oral communication skills, Graduate School Writing Center overview, digital fluency, support from the TLTC, and opportunities to engage in service and leadership. 
  • Engage, Thrive, & Connect – Overview from the Office of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Graduate Student Life, and our Graduate Academic Counselor. 
  • Policies & Procedures – Important policies and protections, Ombud’s office, academic integrity and student conduct, and health insurance. 
  • TerrapinSTRONG Onboarding

Once all of the “required” modules are marked complete, you can download and save your PDF certificate for your records.  All graduate students are strongly encouraged to complete the orientation, and some programs may require it prior to the start of the semester.

We also invite you to share your orientation experience on social with your fellow GradTerps, and with us using the hashtag #NewGradTerps. Please also send us any questions you have at or call 301-405-3644. We're here to help you thrive and succeed!

Updated July 2023

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