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The Graduate School’s experienced and dedicated professional staff further the mission of advancing graduate education and enhancing the graduate student experience by working closely with the equally dedicated staff of the university’s more than 230 graduate programs. The deans, directors, and staff of the Graduate School collaborate with over 120 directors and coordinators of graduate studies to guide applicants, students, and faculty through admissions to completion and every milestone in between and to offer these constituents access to the resources, opportunities, and support needed to succeed now and in the future.

The GS staff have created this website to be a comprehensive and useful tool for UMD students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as prospective students and the general public. If you cannot find what you seek on our website, please feel free to contact us by email at or by phone at 301-405-3644 or toll-free at (800) 245-GRAD (4723).

Office of the Dean

Portrait of Stephen Roth, PhD

Stephen Roth, PhD

Associate Provost and Dean
Portrait of Jason Farman, PhD

Jason Farman, PhD

Associate Dean
Portrait of Evelyn Cooper, PhD

Evelyn Cooper, PhD

Assistant Dean and Chief of Operations
Portrait of Sparkle Lonesome

Sparkle Lonesome

Assistant to the Dean
Portrait of Helen Mamo

Helen Mamo

Communications Coordinator

Office of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion

Portrait of Christopher Pérez, PhD

Christopher Pérez, PhD

Program Director

Office of Academic and Professional Development

Portrait of Linda Macri, PhD

Linda Macri, PhD

Director, Academic and Professional Development
Portrait of Yi Hao, PhD

Yi Hao, PhD

Program Director, Career and Professional Development
Portrait of Simone Warrick-Bell

Simone Warrick-Bell

Graduate Academic Counselor
Portrait of Spencer Benson, PhD

Spencer Benson, PhD


Office of Funding Opportunities

Portrait of Robyn Kotzker

Robyn Kotzker

Program Director

Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Portrait of Blessing Enekwe, PhD

Blessing Enekwe, PhD

Program Director
Portrait of Anne-Charlotte Mecklenburg, PhD

Anne-Charlotte Mecklenburg, PhD

Postdoctoral Associate for Academic Support

Ombuds Office

Portrait of Mark Shayman, PhD

Mark Shayman, PhD

Graduate Ombudsperson, and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

GS Operations: Admissions and Enrollment Management

Portrait of Joe Lindsey

Joe Lindsey

Business Process and Systems Lead
Portrait of Heather Kissinger

Heather Kissinger

Program Manager, Admissions
Portrait of Dan-Gunnar Danell

Dan-Gunnar Danell

Admissions Officer
Portrait of Zina Rumleanscaia

Zina Rumleanscaia

Admissions Officer
Portrait of Ashlee Colleton

Ashlee Colleton

Admissions Evaluator

GS Operations: Student and Faculty Services

Portrait of Brent Hernandez

Brent Hernandez

Director of Graduate Student Services
Portrait of Toyin Oguntolu

Toyin Oguntolu

Manager, Academic Services
Portrait of Fan Tsao

Fan Tsao

Coordinator, Graduate Academic Services
Portrait of Waqeelat Gaji

Waqeelat Gaji

Administrative Operations Coordinator

GS Operations: Graduate Information and Systems

Portrait of Teddy Wu

Teddy Wu

Portrait of Alex Ridgell

Alex Ridgell

Systems Analyst
Portrait of Ross McCool

Ross McCool


GS Operations: Finance and Administration

Portrait of Patricia Woodwell

Patricia Woodwell

Director, Finance and Administration
Portrait of Barbara Rhine

Barbara Rhine

Manager, Fellowships and Tuition Accounts
Portrait of Maria Palmaira

Maria Palmaira

Business Manager, Fellowships and Awards
Portrait of Judith King

Judith King

Portrait of  Laura M. Chapman

Laura M. Chapman

Coordinator, Business Operations
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