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Tuition & Fees

Student Financial Services and Cashiering's website provides the overview of tuition, fees, and other expenses as they apply to graduate students. Each student is individually responsible for their bill and for meeting payment deadlines. It is advisable to check accounts regularly. 

It is important to determine the correct tuition payment for programs/courses. Most programs/courses use the standard graduate tuition rates – a per-credit charge. Tuition remission provided through assistantships and tuition awards provided for fellowships (when applicable), cover standard tuition amounts only.

There are several programs with non-standard tuition and fees.  Note that university-provided tuition will only cover the standard rate; the student is responsible for the difference unless other financial support is provided. Also note that not all programs/courses will accept Golden ID tuition remission – check the program requirements prior to applying or enrolling.

Once a student achieves post-candidacy status, the student is automatically enrolled in 899 for six credits each semester until s/he graduates. The tuition charged is a flat rate and non-refundable.

All other tuition and fees are refundable in accordance with the University Refund Policy

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