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Fellowship and Financial Forms

Graduate Student Overload Assignment Request
Health Insurance Reimbursement Request Form
Request for Tuition Award for External Fellowships
Request for Training Grant Fellowship Matching Tuition Award
Conversion of Dean's Fellowships to Special University Fellowship
Graduate School Fellowship & Award Forms

Petitions, Requests, and Waivers

Petition for Program/Degree Objective Change
Petition for Residency Reclassification
Petition for Waiver of Continuous Registration
Petition for Waiver of Regulation
Request for Leave of Absence
Request for Time Extension
Request for Transfer or Inclusion of Credit for Master’s Degrees

Thesis and Dissertation Forms

Thesis and Dissertation Electronic Publication Form
Nomination of Thesis or Dissertation Committee Form
Graduation Surveys (Required for all UMD doctoral graduates)

Graduation Forms

Application for Admission to Candidacy
Application for Graduation
Application for Graduation (graduate certificate students only)
Approved Program Form
Certification of Doctor of Audiology Degree

General Forms

Combined Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree Form
Dual Master's and Doctoral Degree Form
Graduate Credit Permission Form
Graduate School Incomplete Contract
Immunization Record Form (Required for all graduate students upon admission)
Parental Accommodation Application
Graduate Assistant Statement of Mutual Expectations

Faculty and Staff Forms

GA Appointment Letter Template
Nomination to Graduate Faculty Form
Departmental Authority Contact Form

Contact Information

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