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Health Insurance for Graduate Students

Maintaining health insurance coverage is important for ensuring your physical and mental well-being while in graduate school. While there is a cost associated with enrolling in a health plan, the cost of going without insurance can be far greater. Every year, we learn about uninsured students who are seriously ill. Healthcare services in the United States are expensive, and the cost of getting sick without insurance can total in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.  Unexpected healthcare costs of this magnitude will undoubtedly disrupt a student’s overall well-being and academic progress.

Effective starting in the Fall of 2020, Graduate School policy requires all full-time graduate students at the College Park campus to have health insurance.

The decision to require health insurance was made only after careful deliberation with our campus partners, including the Graduate Council. In October 2019 the Council, a body composed of elected and appointed members of the Graduate Faculty and graduate students, unanimously passed a policy requiring all full-time graduate students to maintain health insurance coverage.  Please see the complete policy in the Graduate Catalog.

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