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September 14, 2023 - December 7, 2023

Fall 2023 Graduate Student Circle Sessions

12:30 PM

The sessions are held virtually on Thursdays, and are dedicated to providing resources to graduate students to help them lessen their distress while in Graduate School.

GSC Hidden Curriculum Series: Imposter Syndrome, October 12th at 12:30 PM 

Imposter Syndrome is a common occurrence among graduate students who might feel like their achievements are not real, they do not deserve their success or they do not belong at UMD. The goal of this session is to learn how to combat imposter syndrome and connect with others for support. 

GSC Hidden Curriculum Series: Beyond Difficult Dialogue, November 9th at 12:30 PM 

Communication with advisors, PIs and professors can be a challenging practice due to various factors. This session is aimed at identifying the best practices to communicate effectively with advisors, PIs and professors. Participants will learn how to assert their needs and advocate for themselves

Leave of Absences, December 7th at 12:30 PM 

As the semester is slowly coming to a close, some students might be considering taking a leave of absence. This session is helpful if you are unsure of the leave of absence application process, the impact of taking a leave of absence and the length of time a student can request. If you are a student expanding your family via adoption/childbirth then this session helps to understand the difference between a leave of absence and parental accommodation. 

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