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November 30, 2023

AI and Scholarly Writing: Ethical Concerns

4-5 PM

Location: Virtual

This session is part of a virtual series, AI and Your Graduate or Postdoctoral Career, which will address two issues critical to all graduate students and Postdocs: (1) the ethics of using AI in their writing, and (2) using AI tools in one’s career exploration or job search. 


ChatGPT and other AI resources can be valuable tools in writing, but their use also comes with a range of ethical concerns. Is it ethical to use AI to generate text when it can’t be listed as an author? What are the expectations of journals and publishers around the use of AI in scholarly writing? How can you use AI both effectively and ethically as you continue to develop as an academic writer?


Dr. Linda C. Macrì, Director of Academic and Professional Development, the Graduate School 


November 30, Thursday, 4-5 PM, via Zoom 

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