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Graduate Student Stories Transcripts: Yue Ma

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Transcript for Yue Ma's video

I will graduate this December. I still love UMD, I think I will miss here, in the future.

I think I got interested in accounting when I was very little, because my mother is also an accountant, so I can get- touch with numbers when I was very little. I can see how big companies operate, by seeing their financial statement, and also, I can connect with different people, and, by building a longterm relationship.

Now, I'm working in Sunrise Senior Living, as an internal audit intern.

I participated in MSLC Club. This club is in charge of VITA program at University of Maryland. Every year, we will organize many students to prepare individual tax returns for the people in need. It's very meaningful, because we can help the people in need, and apply our knowledge, in the real life.

I'm very interested in one project in my first term. It's in financial statements analysis. We can choose one big company and see their financial statements, and to see whether their stock will raise and down.

I think UMD's accounting program  is more career oriented. I can learn a lot of soft skills and also, the hard skills.

Office of Career Services, they are really helpful, because I'm also a graduate assistant of OCS, I know what they are doing, they are trying to help Chinese student to land a job such as, helping them to revise their resume, cover letter. Help them to revise [inaudible 00:01:45], like that. I think it's really helpful for my own job searching, because of them, I can find my summer internship.

UMD is very close to D.C. and Virginia. We can take part time job, and learning at the same time. It's really helpful to start a job in America.

I think I will find a full time job, and stay there for three or five years, and then come back to China.

In the future, I want to grab more IT knowledge and be an IT Auditor.



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