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Graduate Student Stories Transcripts: Sarah Beckwith

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Transcript of Sarah Beckwith's video

I just got out of the military 13 days ago, so I was in the military for nine years as an Army officer. I was a Black Hawk pilot, company commander. I'm planning on joining Smith Vets and the supply chain. Out of all the jobs I did in the military, and there was quite a few, that was one that I felt more excited about. I could see an actual result, a tangible result, and that's what gives me satisfaction. I taught undergrad students in the ROTC department, the Army ROTC department military science.

I'm comfortable here. It just felt like... it just everything felt right about Maryland for me. The teachers are top-notch, world class. I could use a GI scholarship and come here basically for a very good price. My favorite thing about Maryland so far in the business school is just the collaborative environment. We have a small class of thir... 61 people, and they're all very friendly. It doesn't seem cutthroat. We all seem to want to help each other out. I'm also a Forté fellow, so that's women in MBA. Looking forward to meeting like-minded women and people that are interested in what I'm pursuing.

I enjoy going to Nats games, and I went to a Maryland game last year. I enjoy running, so I'm doing the Army Ten Miler in October. The Office of Career Services has been really helpful so far 'cause MBA wanted to... The big goal is to find a job after graduation, so they started us out about two, three months ago thinking about inventorying yourself, seeing where would be a good fit and where to go. My husband's staying in the military, so it's going to depend on where we go what jobs are available. Right now, I'm interested in Lockheed Martin, because they own Sikorsky, and Sikorsky fl... makes the Black Hawk, so I think it kind of makes sense.

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