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Upon Arrival

University of Maryland Department of Transportation Services (DOTS)

Phone: 301-314-3687

The UMCP Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) provides a full range of parking and transportation services, serving a diverse community of more than 37,000 students and 13,000 faculty and staff in the City of College Park near Washington D.C. DOTS is committed to developing and supporting a dynamic and diverse workforce. Information about student and full-time employment and careers is available as well as for an in depth look at how DOTS supports diversity.

Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct

Phone: 301-405-1142

The University of Maryland, Office of Civil Rights & Sexual Misconduct (OCRSM) was founded in March 2014 and was preceded by an independent assessment of the University’s response to sexual misconduct and recommendations made to President Loh by the Joint President/Senate Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures Task Force (Task Force) in August 2013. Broadly, the mission is to support the University’s commitment to a working and learning environment free from sexual misconduct and discrimination. OCRSM is responsible for overseeing and implementing the University’s compliance with Title IX as well as other federal and state civil rights laws and regulations.

Office of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion

Phone: 301-405-0763

The University of Maryland is committed to fostering a supportive environment for all graduate students, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, religion, language, sexual orientation, disability, or academic discipline. UMD recognizes that the unique and varied identities and experiences of our graduate students enrich the campus community as a whole.

Counseling Center

Phone: 301-314-7651

The Counseling Service in the Counseling Center is the primary campus provider of free and confidential therapy to help UMD students manage personal, social, and academic challenges. Staffed primarily by licensed psychologists, the Counseling Service also conducts campus outreach presentations, provides emergency response services, and assists with referrals to off-campus mental health providers. Consultation with a therapist about students of concern is available to University faculty, staff, and parents on the Counseling Service warmline.

Graduate Student Life

Phone: 301-314-9544


The purpose of Graduate Student Life is to:

  • Provide programs that help create a tangible graduate student campus community.
  • Foster graduate student conversation and collaboration across disciplines.
  • Encourage, recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of graduate students.
  • Promote existing campus services and encourage service areas to be more inclusive of graduate student needs.
  • Grow and maintain a graduate student presence in institutional decisions that affect the quality of life for graduate students.
  • Help departments share ideas about programs and support structures for graduate students.
  • Conduct regular assessments of graduate student quality of life on campus
  • Advocate for graduate student needs across campus.

Graduate Student Life aims to foster:

  • Community building: by providing opportunities for graduate students to build community and fostering conversations and collaboration across disciplines.
  • Communication: by promoting existing campus services to students and helping departments share ideas on how to best serve graduate students
  • Advocacy: by growing and maintaining a graduate student presence on campus, encouraging services to be more inclusive of graduate students, and conducting regular assessments of graduate student quality of life.

Graduate Student Legal Aid Office (GLAO)

Phone: 301-405-5807

Graduate Student Legal Aid (GLAO) provides free legal information, consultations, referrals, and brief assistance to UMD-College Park graduate students on a wide range of both off-campus and university matters. The office is staffed Mondays: 11am-5pm, Tuesdays: 9am-11am & 2pm-5pm, Wednesdays: 9am-3pm, and Thursdays: 9am-3pm. The computers and legal information in the resource room are open for self-guided research.  If you are in need of an individual consultation with an attorney, please make an appointment or stop by during Wednesday's walk-in times at 11:00am and 11:30am.

Find out more at

University Recreation and Wellness

Phone: 301-226-4400

We believe being physically active is a crucial component of success in and out of the classroom, and we are dedicated to creating a culture of wellness where all members of the university community thrive.

We facilitate physical activity which provides better sleep, improved mood,  a stronger immune system, social connection with others, and more energy. Activity also helps students manage stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety. In addition to these wellness benefits, being active also helps students achieve academic success by boosting mental focus, attention and alertness, and priming the brain for learning.

We invite every member of the university community to discover their inner Active Terp and find a physical activity they enjoy doing. Recreation is for everyone and there is something for everyone at RecWell.

Dining at Maryland

Phone: 301-314-8054

The University of Maryland Department of Dining Services administers dining and food services at the University of Maryland College Park campus including resident dining, cafes on campus, convenience shops, catering (full-service, delivered and pick-up), concessions, and full-service restaurants. We offer a wide and creative variety of delicious, healthy selections made by seasoned and certified professionals from the freshest ingredients. From vegan cuisine to exotic ethnic menus to comfort-food favorites, University of Maryland Department of Dining Services meets the dining needs of our campus community.

The Stamp Student Union

Phone: 301-314-8503

The Stamp Mission:

To provide a safe and inviting campus center where all UMD students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members cultivate lifelong relationships founded on engagement, learning, multiculturalism, and citizenship .

Services Found at the Stamp:

  • Adele’s, a full service restaurant
  • America Reads*America Counts
  • Art & Learning Center
  • Auntie Anne's
  • Capital One Bank
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Coffee Bar
  • Event and Guest Services
  • Graduate Student Lounge
  • Hoff Theater
  • Information Desk
  • Leadership & Community Service-Learning
  • Maryland Food Coop
  • Maryland Dairy
  • McDonald’s
  • Memorial Chapel
  • Moby Dick's
  • Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy
  • Off Campus Housing
  • Panda Express
  • Saladworks
  • Sbarro Pizza
  • SEE: Student Entertainment Events
  • Special Events and Programs
  • Stamp Gallery
  • Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)
  • Subway
  • Sushi by Panda
  • Taco Bell
  • TerpZone
  • Ticket Office
  • UPS Store
  • Union Shop
  • University Book Center
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