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Graduate Student Orientation 2017

September 11, 2017

The Graduate School hosted Orientation on August 21, for about 1650 graduate students, 200 more than in previous years.  In attendance was President Wallace D. Loh, who gave a heartfelt and inspiring message to a large crowd gathered in Stamp Union while also mingling with students throughout the day.

The day also included welcomes and presentations by Interim Dean Jeffrey Franke, Dr. Alex Chen, Stephanie Cork (Graduate Student Government) and Dr. Suzanne Ortega, President of the Council of Graduate Schools. In parallel to the programs offered for graduate students, families, partners and spouses were invited to the Spartners Orientation.  International students were treated to a series of session by the the Office of International Students and Scholar Services this week, as well.

The day also included a faculty panel comprised of Dr. Michelle Espino, (Counseling, Higher Education, and Special Education) Dr. John Fisher (Bioengineering) and Dr. Colin Phillips (Linguistics). Closing remarks were delivered by Dr. John T. Bullock, Baltimore City Councilman and alumnus of the Government and Politics Program.

(Photos by Thai Nguyen and Anna De Cheke Qualls)


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