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Second Invest in Your Future, Summer Edition Success Symposium to be Held June 5

May 8, 2018

The Graduate School will host the second Invest in Your Future, Summer Edition Student Success Symposium on Tuesday, June 5 from 9 am-4:30 pm in the Edward St. John Teaching and Learning Center. 

With three concurrent tracks of sessions focused on writing, career planning, and developing professional skills, the symposium aims to launch participants into a productive summer. Master’s and doctoral students, as well as postdocs, can benefit from attending.

This symposium requires a completed registration and paid deposit.  This event is free, but you are required to reserve your spot by paying a $15 deposit. You will receive a refund of your deposit if you check into the event or if you cancel your registration by May 30, 2018 at 5pm.The refund of your deposit will be processed 5-7 business days after the event. The link to the register and pay your deposit are below. Space is limited!


Deposit Payment:

If you have any questions about this event, please contact or 301-405-3644.

Schedule (subject to revision):

9:15-9:30: Check In and Breakfast

9:30-10:00: Welcome

10:00-11:15: Session 1

11:15:11:30: BREAK 

11:30-12:45: Session 2

12:45-2:00 Lunch (1 hour)  and wellness break (15 mins) 

2:00-3:15: Session 3

3:15-4:30: Social Hour- Trivia

Session Track: Communication  is Key! Track: Prepare Yourself! Track 3: Develop Your Skills!

Planning your next conference: From selection to submission to delivery

Help! I am graduating with a PhD or Finishing a Postdoc in the Next Year and I don't know what I'm Doing Next

Time Management, with Kimberly Bethea and Joanna Drinane from Learning Assistance Services in the UMD Counseling Center

Polishing your prose: Revising and writing with style


Networking Your Way to Your Next Job Opportunity

SPIN Funding Database-- Searching for grants and other funding opportunities
3 Presenting yourself virtually: why, where and how What are you going to do with your PhD? (Career Planning for early stage doctoral students) Getting ready for your fall course (led by Marissa Stewart, Teaching and Learning Transformation Center and graduate student instructors)














Session Descriptions:

Communication is Key Track

Session 1:

Planning your next conference:  from selection to submission to delivery

Presenting at an academic conference is an important way to communicate your research and to network in your field.  There are many steps to a successful conference presentation, and those steps begin with selecting the right conference for your research at its particular stage of development.  At this session, we’ll discuss selecting a conference, writing the abstract, developing and delivering the presentation. Participants are encouraged to bring the announcements for conferences they are considering attending, along with drafts in progress of  abstracts or presentations for feedback.

Led by: Linda Macri and Thomas McCloskey, Graduate School Writing Center

Session 2:

Polishing your prose: revising and writing with style [focus on revising for publication]

You’ll do a lot of writing in graduate school, so making the most of your writing is key.  In this workshop, we’ll focus on two core ideas about good writing. First, we’ll talk about revision, since good writing comes from good revision. Then, we’ll apply those revision skills: chances are you wrote something this academic year that, with some revision, can be an important document for you in the future.  It might be a response paper that can become part of a literature review, a seminar paper that can become an article, or perhaps an assignment you created for your students that can become part of a teaching portfolio. Participants are encouraged to bring in a document that they think has another life ahead of it for focused revision practice.

Led by: Linda Macri, Graduate School Writing Center

Session 3:

Presenting yourself virtually: why, where, and how

Increasingly, graduate students are being encouraged--or even required--to present themselves in modes and mediums beyond the traditional written word on the page.  Providing videos of your teaching, blogs about your research, even telephone interviews all require various types of virtual presentation. The Greek philosopher Plato was leery of putting ideas in writing, so how can you ever hope to communicate across different platforms?  We’ll explore how in this workshop (spoiler alert: we’ll also be unveiling a new opportunity to blog about your work).

Prepare Yourself! Career Track

Session 1:

What are you going to do with your PhD? (Career Planning for Early Stage PhDs)

Are you in your first or second year of your coursework and uncertain about what you want to do with your PhD? In this session, you will take the assessments in the ImaginePhD career exploration and planning tool and use your results to map out a plan for doing career exploration over the summer.

Session 2:

Help! I am graduating with PhD or finishing a Postdoc in the next year and don’t know what I’m doing next!

Are you going to graduate in May or Summer of 2019 or will your postdoc position be ending in the next year? This session will get you focused on concrete steps so you are ready to put yourself on the academic job market and/or launch a search for a position in private industry, nonprofits, or government. Leave the session with your summer job search to-do list.

Session 3:

Networking Your Way to Your Next Job Opportunity

This session will include activities that will increase your confidence, comfort and ability to use informational interviews, LinkedIn, and TerrapinsConnect. These three tools will enable you to expand your network, learn about potential employers, and eventually uncover hidden job opportunities. Target audience: Master’s, PhDs, and Postdocs.

Develop Your Skills Track

Session 1:  

Time management:  Using Your Summertime (and beyond) Well

Summer looms ahead, promising long days to accomplish lots of work!  But without good time management, we all know that time can fly by, leaving us with a long list of things not accomplished.  So how can you manage your time effectively, avoid procrastination, and find a balance between work and everything else? Join Dr. Kimberly Bethea and Joanna Drinane of the Counseling Center to learn methods for managing your time--and your life--more effectively.

Session 2

SPIN Funding -- searching for funding opportunities

This workshop will highlight available funding opportunities available at the Graduate School and it will provide students with ways to search for external funding opportunities with particular focus on the SPINPlus Funding Database. Hana Kabashi from the Department of Research will provide hands-on instruction on how to access and use SPIN.

Session 3:

Getting ready to teach in AY 2018-2019

Marissa Stewart, TLTC, and Graduate Teaching Fellows [tbd]

Whether it’s your first time teaching, you are teaching a new course, or you want to revise what you’ve done in the past, summer is the time to get ready for the course you are teaching next year.  At this workshop, you’ll discuss crafting effective learning goals and begin to plan where those outcomes will take your course. Graduate Teaching Fellows will lead small group discussions.


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