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Workshops 2021-2022

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Doctoral students and postdocs at all stages of their training should participate in online workshops to learn more about important career and professional development topics.

Students and postdocs must pre-register for these online workshops offered via C4T using their UMD email address. Workshops will be help in the Zoom platflorm, which all Maryland students, faculty, and staff have access to Zoom using CAS authentication. Please log into the webinars at least 5 minutes before the start time.

Fall 2021 workshops are listed in the table below. You can also download a PDF of the 2021-2022 workshop schedule by clicking on the image of the workshop schedule above.

Click on the title of the workshop in the table below to register in Careers4Terps using your UMD CAS login. Registration links are also in the events calendars of both The Graduate School and The University Career Center & The President's Promise.

Recordings of workshops are on YouTube:

2021-2022 Doctoral Career Workshops 




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Workshop Description

9/8/21 1-2 pm Navigating to Your Dream Career for Doctoral Students and Postdocs This session is directed toward doctoral students and postdocs. Learn how to identify, plan for, and implement your dream career in small, manageable steps by leveraging career resources and events available to all UMD doctoral students and postdocs. Registration required in Careers4Terps.
9/9/21 3-4 pm ISSS Career Series: Get Ready to Go Out on the Job Market This session is specifically for international doctoral students graduating in the next year. Start organizing and launch your job search now. This workshop will increase your knowledge and get you moving on your unique plan to land a job after graduation. Learn tips and resources for effectively applying for academic jobs, industry positions and postdocs.
9/13/21 3-4:15 pm What Are You Going to Do with Your Doctorate? Join this virtual workshop to identify your transferable skills and begin researching possible careers that fit. Must attend all 4-sessions; Mondays 3-4:15 pm on 9/13/21, 9/20/21, 9/27/21, 10/04/21. Registration required in Careers4Terps.
9/16/21 2-3 pm Resumes, CVs, and Cover Letter Basics for Doctoral Students and Postdocs Do you need to create or polish up your resume, CV, or cover letter? This workshop is designed to teach you the best practices for preparing effective job search documents. Registration required in Careers4Terps.
9/17/21 12-2 pm International Student Job Search Strategies: Advice from Former Recruiter, Dan Beaudry (Author of Power Ties)
Helping international students understand the business reasons behind the barriers they face in finding U.S. employment.
9/22/21 1-2 pm Effective Academic Job Search Stategies for Doctoral Students and Postdocs This session is created for those seeking to learn if the academic market if a good fit for them and what makes a competitive candidate, including the resources for those interested in pursuing faculty careers. Registration required in Careers4Terps.
9/30/21 2-3 pm Effective Job Search Stategies in Industry and Non-Profits for Doctoral Students and Postdocs If you are a doctoral student or a postdoc seeking careers in industry and non-profits, come learn about the most effective job search strategies for entering the market. Registration required in Careers4Terps.
10/1/21 12-1 pm ISSS Career Series: Becoming a Competitive Job Candidate: Everything New (and 2nd year) International Students Need to Know This session is specifically for new and second year international doc students. Learn what you can do now, early in your studies, to build an impressive set of skills and experiences that employers will notice. You will get helpful advice from international students who are ready to graduate about what you should do throughout your training to become "career ready."
10/6/21 1-2 pm LinkedIn Basics and Job Search Strategies for Doctoral Students and Postdocs In this workshop, you will learn about the basics of LinkedIn and why every PhD student should have a LinkedIn profile. We will also discuss how to leverage your profile and online platform so that you can be the most successful in your job search process. Registration required in Careers4Terps.
10/11/21 3-4 pm Federal Job Search Tips for Doctoral Students Details to be added.
10/14/21 2-3 pm Networking and Informational Interviews for Doctoral Students and Postdocs Networking and informational interviews are powerful tools for exploring career options. Attendees will learn specifically in this brief workshop about the best ways to network in person and online, along with how to conduct informational interviews. Registration required in Careers4Terps.
10/18/21 3-4:15 pm We are all in this together: A Virtual Job (and Internship) Search Workshop for Doctoral Students Are you serious about starting your internship/ job search, but don't know how to begin? This five-session workshop will get you going! Mondays 3-4:15pm on 10/18/21, 10/25/21, 11/01/2021, 11/08/2021, 11/15/2021. Registration required in Careers4Terps.
10/20/21 1-2 pm Preparing for Interviews for Doctoral Students and Postdocs You've landed an interview, but what do you do to prepare? Attendees of this workshop will learn what to do (and avoid) before, during, and after interviews. Registration required in Careers4Terps.
10/29/21  2-3 pm ISSS Career Series: H1B Attorney Presentation with Mark Rhoads Confused about options for staying and working in the United States after graduation? Worried about the H1B quota? Is it true that OPT has been extended to 2 years? Any changes to CPT?
We are pleased to sponsor a seminar presented by an experienced immigration attorney. Topics will include a detailed discussion of the H1B visa, which is the most popular work visa in the US, Optional Practical Training (OPT), and options for pursuing permanent residence through employment. In addition, our speakers will provide practical strategies for talking to employers about work visa issues during interviews. AUDIENCE: STEM Focus; ALL CAN ATTEND
 11/4/21 2-3 pm  Effective Interview Techniques with STAR(R) for Doctoral Students and Postdocs Learn how to persuasively tell employers what you have to offer. We will discuss tough interview questions and practice the highly effective STAR(R) method for answering typical interview questions--a powerful tool for improving your interview performanceRegistration required in Careers4Terps.
11/10/21 1-2 pm Evaluating Offers & Negotiating for Doctoral Students and Postdocs How do you decide whether or not to accept a position? How should you negotiate salary and other terms of employment? Learn how to compare offers and professionally accept or decline. Registration required in Careers4Terps.