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Community Planning and Behavioral/Community Health (Dual Master's)

Program Code:    CPMB
Degree: M.C.P./M.P.H.
School:  Architecture/Planning/Preservation
General Requirements: Statement of Purpose*
  TOEFL/IELTS/PTE (international graduate students)
Program-Specific Requirements: Letters of Recommendation (3)
  Graduate Record Examination (GRE) (optional)
  Writing Samples (optional, up to 3)
  Must be admitted by both programs to pursue dual degree.
Application Deadlines: March 10, 2023 (Fall 2023 International)
  April 7, 2023 (Fall 2023 Domestic)
Contact Program:

Community Planning:

Behavioral and Community Health:

*Statement of Purpose – In addition to the stated requirements, applicants should discuss their specific interest in pursuing a concurrent dual degree within two programs.