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UMD IRT Graduate Student Community

UMD IRT Graduate Student Community History 

The Graduate School at University of Maryland has participated in the Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) Consortium of Colleges & Universities for over 15 years and has attracted IRT students to graduate programs at UMD since 1992.  The Office of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion (OGDI) not only recruits talented IRT students to graduate programs at UMD, but also provides monthly sessions especially designed for IRT graduate students to ensure their success once they are here.  Monthly sessions include enrichment & community activities, professional & career development, holistic support around self-care, wellness & mindfulness, and invited guest speakers.  IRT Graduate Student Community signature events include the Annual IRT Alumni Holiday Dinner in December and the Annual End of Year Celebration in May.


IRT Graduate Students in the News 

First Annual IRT Alumni Networking Event

Ivan Lamas-Sanches Wins Fulbright 

Educational Journey Leads to a Life of Service, Feature Story - Viviana Cordero

University of Maryland Hosts the IRT's Annual Holiday Dinner

"Tracing the Architecture of 'the Welfare Queen' in L.A.," featuring Victor Bramble



UMD IRT Graduate Student Community Current Students and Alumni

Name Year Degree Major
Howard Ly 2019 MEd School Counseling
Alice Santana 2019 PhD American Studies
Iliana Zepeda 2019 MA Higher Education
Briceno Bowrey 2018 PhD History
Alexis Dowdell 2018 MA School Counseling
Prisma Herrera 2018 PhD American Studies
Shelley Kuang 2018 MA Student Affairs
Courtney Douglass 2017 PhD Teaching & Learning: Minority & Urban Education
Leigh Dunewood 2017 MA Student Affairs
Arman Liwanag 2017 MA Student Affairs
Marina Sanchez 2017 MA School Psychology
Xanh (Sunny) Tran 2017 MA Student Affairs
Yvonne Bramble 2016 PhD American Studies
Rosemary Ferreira 2016 MA Higher Education/Student Affairs
Rakia Khalid 2016 PhD English Language & Literature
Libni Lopez 2016 PhD Higher Education
Victor On-Sang 2016 PhD American Studies
Hazim Abdullah-Smith 2015 PhD American Studies
Rachel Akins 2015 MEd School Counseling
Viviana Gahuancela Cordero 2015 MA Higher Education/Student Affairs
Ivan Lamas-Sanchez 2015 MA Higher Education/Student Affairs
Melissa Rivas 2015 MA Higher Education/Student Affairs
Juliana Wong 2015 MA Higher Education/Student Affairs
Dominique Young 2015 PhD English Language & Literature
Catherine Liebowitz 2014 MA College Student Personnel
Felicia Onuma 2014 MA Higher Education/Student Affairs
Jonhatan Aragon 2013 PhD American Studies
Jaqueline Neri Arias 2013 MA Higher Education/Student Affairs
Kristina Mascarenas 2012 MA College Student Personnel
Patricia Akinbola 2011 PhD American Studies
Sharity Bannerman 2008 JD Public Interest, Child Advocacy
Michele Prince 2008 PhD Women's Studies
Christin Taylor 2008 MA/PhD English
Gabriel Peoples 2007 PhD American Studies
Erica McKinney 2005 PhD Minority & Urban Education
Bettina Judd 2004 PhD Women's Studies
Jamie Monzo 2004 MA Ed Psychology
Ana Perez 2004 PhD Women's Studies
Anna Steed 2004 MA English Language & Literature
Kristen Hodge 2003 PhD American Studies, Higher Education concentration
Isis Semaj-Hall 2003 MA/PhD English Language & Literature
Antoine Banks 2000 PhD Political Science
Richard Longoria De Voltair 1999 PhD Government & Politics
Joshua Woodfork 1996 PhD American Studies
Ashaki Goodall 1992 MA English



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