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Invest In Your Future: Graduate Success Symposium, January 22

December 7, 2017

2nd Annual Invest In Your Future: Graduate School Success Symposium
Monday, January 22, 2018, 9:30 am-4:15 pm
Stamp Student Union

Ready to jump start your goals for next year? Need some help figuring out your next steps in your academic or professional journey? Join the Graduate School for a day of networking and interactive, hands-on sessions to help you achieve your goals! All graduate students, especially doctoral students, and postdoctoral research associates are invited. This year's event will focus on communication and presentation skills, finding funding, and career management. Space is limited!

This event is free, but you will need to pay a $15 deposit to reserve your spot. This fee will be refunded after the event for all attendees.


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9:15-9:45 Check in      
9:45-50 Welcome      
9:50-11:05 Session 1 Delivering an Effective Presentation

Writing an Effective Personal Statement
for Funding

Managing Your Career from
Day One (or Today!)

11:05-11:15 Break      
11:15-12:30 Session 2 Presenting Yourself Virtually

What Do Funders Look for
in an Application

Conference Networking Essentials
(for First Timers and Those Who Dread it!)

12:30-1:30 Lunch      
1:30-2:45 Session 3 Poster Design Session and Panel SPIN Training

Creating Your Individual
Development Plan Using ImaginePhD


Social Hour:
Speed Geeking



Track 1:  Present Yourself!

Delivering an Effective Presentation

You’ve done the research and been accepted at the conference, but now you have to stand up and present your work, out loud and to a real live audience.  How do you structure the presentation and deliver it effectively?  Communications graduate students from the Graduate School Writing Center will help you think about composing and refining an effective oral presentation.

Present Yourself Virtually:  Optimizing Online Tools for Your Success

It’s increasingly important to present yourself not just in person but also virtually.  At this session, we’ll explore reasons why you should--or should not--present yourself and your accomplishments in various virtual formats and how to make effective choices about formats such as blogs and personal websites.

Poster Design and Presentation:  Advice from Award-Winning Poster Presenters

Need to create a poster presentation of your research?  At this session, we’ll offer guidance about effective poster design and information about the nuts and bolts of creating and printing a poster.  We’ve also invited some of your graduate colleagues who have won awards for their poster presentations to share their experiences about creating and presenting their work in this genre and format.  


Track 2:  Fund Yourself!

Writing an effective personal statement for funding

Most external awards for dissertation support ask for some kind of personal statement.  This is similar yet different from the kind of statement you wrote when you applied for graduate school, and similar yet different from the kind of letter you’ll write when you apply for academic jobs.  So what exactly should be in an effective personal statement for a funding request?  We’ll explore examples and practice writing some passages at this workshop.

What do funders look for in an application?

When you apply for funding, your application gets read by a panel of people you never meet.  What are they looking for?  What is their criteria for a winning application?  We’ve invited faculty who have served on various award committees to come share their answers to these questions.

SPINPlus Funding Webinar & Workshop

Provides hands-on instruction on how to use the SPINPlus Funding Database. This system allows students, staff, and faculty to search for funding opportunities by setting up individual profiles and designing specific search parameters.


Track 3: Prepare Yourself!

Managing Your Career from Day One (or Today!)

Landing a great position takes much more effort than preparing a well written resume and applying to 100’s of jobs on line. This session provides an overview of the steps you should take as well as the resources available to ensure that you are career ready!

Conference Networking Essentials for First Timers and Those Who Dread It

Unsure of what to do or say at professional gatherings?  Learn tips from from a panel of seasoned graduate students postdocs about what to do before, during and after professional conferences to make a great first impression and expand your network of colleagues.

Creating Your Individual Development Plan (or IDP) Using ImaginePhD

This session is specifically for current doctoral students in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences who don’t know what they want to do with their PhD.  In this hands on session you will use the ImaginePhD tool to identify possible career paths and get started on creating your IDP.


Social Time:

Speed Geeking, Or How I Learned to Love Talking about My Research Interests beyond my Discipline

Speed Geeking is back!

Need practice with networking and how to talk about yourself and your research with new people?  Then Speed Geeking is for you!  We’ll challenge you to practice talking about your research interests with a broad, multidisciplinary audience--other graduate students!  Grab some treats and get ready to exercise your talking points!



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