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Statement from Dean Fetter

October 30, 2018

Dear Members of the Graduate Community,

Recent events have been troubling to us all. The deterioration of public discourse, hostility towards individuals based on racial, ethnic, religious, and gender expression, and hate-based violence strike at the core of our shared values as a campus community.

The Graduate School is committed to providing an intellectual and social environment that is welcoming and supportive to all members of our student body. The diversity of thought, perspective, and culture we see among our students makes an invaluable contribution to our vibrant graduate community.  

There are services across campus to support students with health and wellness issues, and to advise you on your rights if you are a victim of a crime, discrimination, or bias. Many of these resources are readily available on our website under the Students tab. Graduate School staff are available to help guide you to the right person or office on campus.

The Graduate School is here to support your overall well-being as well as your academic progress. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a concern or need assistance.

Best wishes,

Steve Fetter
Associate Provost and Dean, The Graduate School

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