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3MT Preparation Resources for Students

Participating in the 3MT this year? We have the following resources to help you prepare for the competition:

  • Learn about 3MT Workshops: Join us for a 3MT workshop on February 12, 2:00 pm or Februrary 20, 3:00 pm.
  • 3MT Workshop Presentation Slides: Refer these slides to gain valuable insights into knowing and understanding your audience better, rephrasing complex sentences to convey the simplified core idea of your thesis, and more!
  • FAQ's: Check the Frequently Asked Questions about 3MT
  • Graduate School Writing Center:  Schedule an appointment with a Writing Fellow or Oral Communications Fellow
  • One Button Studios:  Please feel free to use one of the 8 Studios on campus to help you prepare a 3MT Video. A One Button Studio is equipped with a high definition camera, high-directional condenser microphone, and studio lighting
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