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UMD Three-Minute Thesis Competition

The 2023 Final Round 3MT Competition was on April 19th

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The Three-Minute (3MT) Competition challenges students to talk about the significance of their research in just 3 minutes!  The Final Round 3MT competition was held on April 19th from 1:00 - 3:00 pm.  Thank you for attending!  

The 3MT Competition offers a great opportunity to celebrate research!  Award Winners are listed below!

2023 3MT Award Winners - Pre-Candidacy/Masters

Sally Farhat Journalism Perceived Credibility of Biased News Organizations by Partisan Audiences
Zachary  Lazri Electrical and Computer Engineering Building A.I. on Accuracy and Ethics
Behrad Soleimani Electrical and Computer Engineering Tracing Brain Connectivity Over Time: Insights from Auditory Processing and Stroke Rehabilitation
Alexander  Taylor Geology Between a Rock and a Hard Plate: Subduction Metamorphism


2023 3MT Award Winners - Post-Candidacy

Sahra Ibrahimi Maternal and Child Health The Association Between Women’s Autonomy and Maternal Health Outcomes in Afghanistan
Mengyu Liang Geographical Sciences How can satellites help forests grow better from space?
Amelia  Lindsay-Kaufman Geology Primordial Sponges and the Origin of Animals
Avi Schwarzschild Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation Deep Thinking: Iterative AI Models


2023 3MT Finalists 

Tzu-yi Zoe Chen Music  Departure, Conflict, and Rebirth in Franz Liszt's Musical Language
Di-Tu Dissassa Counseliing, Higher Education, and Special Education Working towards Well: Exploring Work and Wellness for Black Professionals in Higher Education
Livingstone Imonitie Civil and Environmental Engineering Analysis of Vehicle Crashes in Maryland
Shawn Janzen Information Studies Risky Business: Managerial Approaches to Cybersecurity
Zeynep Kacar Statistics Phylogenetic Trees of Liver Cancer: How Understanding Clonal Diversity Could Lead to Personalized Treatments
Sai Thegaswini Pamuru Civil and Environmental Engineering Compost: Putrid Peat or Pedological Panacea?    
Arjun Savel Astronomy Seeing in 3D: Examining clouds, chemistry, and climate in exoplanet atmospheres
Shrushti  Shah Business and Management Will climate change affect the mortgage industry?
Sarah Silberman Criminology Exploring Sexual Misconduct in Academia
Yesenia Yanez Criminology Mitigating Mass Shooting Severity
Xinyi Zhang Counseliing, Higher Education, and Special Education How do Chinese American mothers talk about race with their young children?


Next year's competition will be held in March and April 2024. 

The 3MT competition challenges students to communicate the significance of their research projects to a non-specialist audience in just THREE MINUTES! The University of Maryland Graduate School invites graduate students from all disciplines to compete in the annual Three-Minute Thesis Competition (3MT).  The competitions take place in March and April.

Participation in the 3MT competition provides students with...

  • Experience in presentation skills and public speaking
  • Practice talking about their research to a non-specialists audience
  • Better perspective about how their research fits into the larger picture
  • An opportunity to learn how to showcase their work to prospective employers
  • Networking opportunities with students and faculty on campus
  • An overall positive experience that promotes academic and professional growth
  • Recognition and prizes

The Graduate School's 3MT competition takes place in two rounds. The first-round college-level competitions occurs in March.  Winners from the first-round competitions win a college-level prize and advance to the final round 3MT competition which is scheduled for April 19, 2023.  To learn more about your college level competition, please consult your college-level 3MT competition contact.

2023 3MT Competition Guidelines - 2024 3MT Guidelines will be available in the Fall. 

REGISTER for the 2023 3MT Competition HERE - 2023 registration is closed.

Preparing for the 3MT

Students who are considering competing in the 3MT Competition are encouraged to take advantage of some of the 3MT resources available to them.  It is also important to read the 3MT guidelines carefully.  Please reach out to your college’s 3MT contact at any time to learn more about your college-level competition.

If you have any questions, please email Program Manager Robyn Kotzker at

Important 2023 Dates for 3MT Participants

DATE                   EVENT
March 3 Deadline to register for the 3MT Competition (extended to March 3
March 6 If first-round is virtual, deadline to submit 3MT video and slide, If first-round is in-person, competition date will be set by the colleges. 
March 6 - 31 5 College-level 3MT Competitions. College-level winners to be announced by March 31, 2023.
April 1 - 18 Semi-finalists prepare for final round competition
April 19 Final Round 3MT Presentations (in-person).  Winners and honorable mentions announced April 20, 2023

View the History and Overview of the 3MT Competition for more information.

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