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After Submission

If you have questions about the departmental-level review, please contact the department directly.

Once a final decision from the Graduate School has become available, you will receive a notification email prompting you to log into the portal and view the decision.

Until submitting your application, you can update your application as often as you wish. Once you have submitted your application, it is immediately sent to the program/department for review. It is therefore not possible for the Graduate School to update any supporting documentation following the submission of the application. If you wish to discuss the possibility of updating documentation following submission, this is up to the discretion and the processing of the academic department.

If you have not yet submitted your application, all you need to do is not click ‘submit’. Unfortunately, the application fee is nonrefundable. If you have already submitted your application and wish to withdraw, please contact the department to which you are applying and notify them that you would like to ‘withdraw your application prior to decision’.

Once you have submitted the application, the Graduate School will not be able to update any portion of your application, including biographical or contact information. Please note that decision letters for applications are issued electronically in the application portal. We no longer mail a hard copy of the final Graduate School decision letter.

If you become admitted and need to make changes or corrections to biographical/contact information, please follow the instructions on the website of the Office of the Registrar under Policies and Guidelines. Any questions about updating biographical/contact information as a student should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.

If your application is incomplete despite all materials being marked received, please contact your department. They will review your file to correct your application status. An ‘incomplete’ application status is an administrative notation (provided all materials have been submitted), and does not prevent your application materials from being electronically delivered to the department for review.

If you have sent test scores to the Graduate School and ETS/PTE/IELTS said they were delivered, but they aren’t posted to the application, please contact the Graduate School.  Please be sure to include any registration/TRF/ID numbers to aid us in helping to match your scores. Note: The application status is immediately updated upon submission to reflect the receipt of the scores, however, it takes time for our office to receive scores sent from the agency. Please be sure to request the scores 1-2 weeks prior to when you need them to arrive in our office.

Please be advised that the time to match a score to an application depends on how the records match up between the application and the scores. (For example, there are frequent instances when an applicant uses different names or abbreviation of names for the application versus ETS, and then it is more difficult to match the two up.)

Please be advised that submission of your payment is not the same as submitting your application. To resolve this issue before the deadline passes, you will need to log back into your online application and follow the instructions for submitting the application. You will receive a confirmation email once your application has been successfully submitted.

 If you paid your fee before the deadline, but did not submit the application by the deadline, you need to directly contact the department to which you are applying and let them know what has happened. If they decide to allow you to submit after the deadline, they will contact the Graduate School to set up an alternative deadline by which you would need to login to the application portal and submit the application. Full instructions will follow, contingent upon the department’s approval and Graduate School authorization of the alternative deadline.

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