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Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral scholars are employee-trainees who:
  • Receive salaries funded by research grants,
  • Are employed as academic or staff personnel, and
  • Work under a principal investigator whose research proposal is funded by the government or other external entity.
This usually occurs when the individual’s training is accomplished through the performance of obligations on a sponsored contract. The appointments of such individuals will show an appropriate percentage of employment in the PHR System and a salary payment.

Appointment Process

Postdoctoral Scholars are added into the university’s payroll and human resources (PHR) system. The departmental business manager should be able to provide all the necessary paperwork. These appointments are generally regular appointments or contingent II contract appointments.

Appointment Process

Because postdoctoral scholars are NOT considered state of Maryland employees, scholars should check with their department of residence to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed on their behalf.  


Salaries are biweekly, through direct deposit.

Health Benefits

Postdoctoral Scholars are eligible to participate in the state benefits plans, but through a non-subsidized, direct pay arrangement with the state. Details are available from the departmental business manager, the UHR-Office of Employee Benefits, or the UHR web site.

Dental and Prescription Benefits

Regular-status Postdoctoral Scholars are eligible to participate in the state dental and prescription plans. Dental coverage is available through two types of dental plans. Subsidized, tax-deferred premiums vary by plan and range from $80 per year for individual coverage to $525 per year for family coverage. Subsidized, tax-deferred prescription premiums range from $425 per year for individual coverage to $850 for family coverage. Co-pays for 30- to 45-day prescriptions are $10 for generic drugs, $25 for preferred drugs, and $40 for non-preferred drugs. Coverage begins with the first biweekly payroll deduction.
Contractual Postdoctoral Scholars pay the non-subsidized premiums directly to the state of Maryland.

Retirement, Life Insurance, and Disability

Postdoctoral Scholars must arrange Retirement, Life Insurance, and Disability coverage (if desired) on their own.

Tuition Remission

Postdoctoral Scholars do not recieve tuition remission. However, some grants may cover tuition remission. Please check the grant documentation and ask the departmental business manager for the appropriate forms.


Parking is administered at the department level. Consult with the departmental business manager, and then send the appropriate departmental forms to:

Deborah M. Smith-Wiley
Operations Manager, Department of Transportation Services
0123 A Regents Drive Garage
(301) 314-7808

Postdoctoral scholars are NOT eligible for payroll deduction of parking expenses and generally must pay the entire year’s parking fee in advance.

Division of Information Technology and Computer Access

Postdoctoral scholars will be able to get a Faculty / Staff ID and have access to all the computing resources of the university. They will not, however, be eligible for the discounts on software that university employees receive through the software licensing program.

Library Access 

Postdoctoral scholars will have full Faculty/Staff borrowing privileges at the University Libraries.