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Postdoctoral Appointments

A postdoctoral appointment is a temporary one designed to give individuals an opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of a faculty mentor and to prepare for careers in higher education, government, industry, and other sectors of the economy. For many, postdoctoral work is a critical step in securing future employment.

An individual with a postdoctoral appointment at UMD:

  • Will pursue a full-time program of advanced training and research under the direction of a faculty member with an appointment in an academic department or organized research unit;
  • Will be supported by campus research grants or contracts, fellowships administered by the campus, or other external sources;
  • Has been awarded a doctoral degree or equivalent within the past five years;
  • Has not had more than six years of postdoctoral experience at UMD or other institutions; and
  • Has not held a tenure-track professorial appointment (i.e., assistant professor, associate professor, or professor)

Types of Postdoc Appointments

The University of Maryland recognizes three types of postdoctoral appointments: Postdoctoral Fellows, Postdoctoral Scholars and Postdoctoral Associates. The appointment process and the benefits vary by the type of appointment held.

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