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Personal Finance Planning Course

Starting in Winter 2024, the new course Personal Financial Planning (FMSC644) will be available to students, and will be offered every term and semester moving forward. This is a great opportunity to become equipped with essential financial literacy skills that will serve you well in both your academic and professional journeys. The course description and syllabus are listed below.

Course Description
This course provides a solid framework, meaningful context, institutional understanding, and critical skills for solving key personal financial planning problems for the graduating seniors and graduates who will enter the job market or will enter a graduate program. Practical illustrations and substantive examples complement formal and intuitive approach for use by current students and tomorrows graduates when succeeding in a dynamic job market with minimal support for managing finances are becoming the norm in our society. Students learn how to manage their finances, improve spending habits, ask the right questions, budget effectively, pay taxes, choose the right bank for their needs, determine whether to buy or lease a car, select the best credit card, recognize what’s most important in buying a home, investing, plan for retirement, and make sound decisions. The latest cultural and institutional changes, tax information, and use of financial data strengthen this course to dynamically guide students towards their financial well-being and career goals in a changing world.

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