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Financial Literacy

The Graduate School is committed to helping students reach their personal and professional goals, including financial ones. Graduate students face important financial choices as they pursue their studies and transition to careers. These include:

  • Financing graduate education
  • Budgeting for expenses
  • Spending wisely
  • Building and maintaining savings
  • Obtaining and using credit cards
  • Selecting insurance coverage
  • Repaying student loan debt
  • Choosing a retirement plan
  • Investing savings to grow wealth

Informed financial decisions can help improve a graduate student’s comfort and ensure a secure financial future. Yet few students learn about finances in the course of their studies, and many finish school bearing considerable debt. For this reason, the Graduate School has produced a series of videos designed to provide guidance on topics of personal finance.

The Council of Graduate School also offers a resource called GradSense, designed to help students make wise financial decisions that will support their long-term academic and professional career goals. Along with median debt and income data, GradSense provides students with loan repayment advice, spending tips, and career guidance.

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