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Postdoc Advisory Board

The Postdoctoral Advisory Board (PAB) was created in Spring 2023 with the mission of building a community of postdoctoral scholars at the University of Maryland (UMD) and providing professional development opportunities. 

 Our Mission

We are committed to serving the needs and common interests of postdoctoral scholars, associates and fellows across disciplines. The PAB aims to enhance the postdoctoral experience by cultivating learning communities, facilitating collaborations, hosting professional development workshops, and promoting diversity and inclusion on campus. 

 Our Goals

Meet regularly to plan events and workshops that respond to our needs and vision. Mentor one another to expand on our professional and personal connections.

Our Membership

All postdoctoral associates, scholars and fellows at UMD are welcome to join us. If you want to join us (or opt out) contact Blessing Enekwe at  

Our Members


Naresh Kumar Amradi (Environmental Science and Technology)
Suhana Chattopadhyay, (School of Public Health)
Sabrina González (The Graduate School)
Qian He (Engineering)
Oleksandra Kepple (College of Agricultural and Natural Resources)
Gabriela Palomo (Environmental Science & Technology)
Azbina Rahman (College of Agricultural and Natural Resources)
Michael Roswell (Entomology)
Gurneet Sangha (Bioengineering)

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