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TerpTax Announcements

TerpTax Appointments Now Available

The Graduate School has once again partnered with TerpTax and the Robert H. Smith School of Business to provide a free, comprehensive tax preparation service for UMD graduate students. Appointments are now available! 

TerpTax will begin operating from February-April  out of Van Munching Hall. Virtual appointments are also available. Visit their website ( to find information on what to do to prepare for your appointment and to schedule a virtual appointment with a TerpTax representative.

Important Announcement for International Students

If you use an online e-filing tax software service that you purchase from external vendors, make sure you are filing the correct form. It is more likely than not that you need to file Form 1040NR and are specifically not allowed to file Form 1040. Further, almost all F status and J status visa holders need to file Form 8843 every year even if you have no income. To the best of our knowledge, no commercial online tax service provides the Form 1040NR for free. Moreover, many states do not recognize treaty benefits so you may have a state tax filing requirement even if you do not have such a requirement for the federal. 

If you have already filed a Form 1040 as opposed to a 1040NR please make an appointment with TerpTax to determine if that is correct for you and, if not, they will assist you in making the correction. Failure to comply with the tax law here could interfere with your visa status at any time.


Updated February 15, 2022

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