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Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

Outstanding faculty mentors are critical to graduate education and to creating a successful graduate student experience. On the recommendation of the Graduate Council and its Faculty Affairs Committee seven years ago, the Graduate School inaugurated a campus wide Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year Award.  This award serves the dual purposes of recognizing outstanding mentoring provided by individual faculty and of reminding the university community of the importance of mentoring to graduate studies.

We invite students to nominate University of Maryland graduate faculty for this award. 

Eligibility:   All University of Maryland, College Park Graduate Faculty are eligible for nomination and may be nominated by currently enrolled UMD graduate students. One letter of nomination per faculty member will be accepted. 

Nomination Process:  The Graduate School accepts nominations from currently enrolled UMD graduate students on the Awards System located at  The nomination deadline is Wednesday, February 15, 2017.

2017 Mentor of the Year Guidelines


Award Recipients

2017 Award Recipients

Past Mentor of the Year Award Recipients (2011-2016)