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Outstanding Director and Coordinator Awards

Directors of Graduate Studies (DGSs) play a critical role in shaping the direction of graduate education in our programs and in enabling and ensuring the academic success of graduate students. Their colleagues, the Coordinators of Graduate Studies (CGSs), likewise play a critical role in ensuring that graduate programs operate smoothly and in shaping the overall educational experience of graduate students.

The Outstanding DGS Award and Outstanding CGS Award recognizes those DGSs and CGSs who have made exceptional contributions to graduate education, a graduate program, and/or the graduate student experience in that program. Awards will be presented in each category annually, and each recipient will receive a $500 award. 

Eligibility:   DGSs and CGSs (or their equivalents, if titles differ) from any graduate program at the College Park campus, who have held their current position for two or more years are eligible for nomination.  

Nomination Process:  Department/Program Chairs may make nominations. The nomination deadline is February 21, 2018.

Guidelines and Instructions


Award Recipients

2017 Awards
Past Awards - Outstanding Director of Graduate Studies Awards  (2012-2016)
Past Awards - Outstanding Coordinator of Graduate Studies Awards (2012-2016)