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SHIP Enrollment & Waiver Process

Mandatory Enrollment/Waiver Process

Full-time registered graduate students (including graduate assistants) enrolled in a master's or doctoral program at College Park are required to have health insurance  The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is the default insurance.  All full time students must participate in the SHIP Enrollment/Waiver Process.  The Univeristy partners with Academic HealthPlans to manage the Enrollment/Waiver Process.  Go to the AHP ENROLLMENT & WAIVER PORTAL during Open Enrollment to enroll in SHIP or to waive out of SHIP.

Definition of Full-Time: Designation of full-time status for graduate students is based on units (not credits).  Full-time students are those who are registered for at least 48 units for the semester or 36 units for a 12-week term.  Calculate your units HERE.   Please note, all post-candidacy students are full time because of 899 enrollment (899 is 108 units).  Students registered for 899 are considered full-time.  

All full-time registered graduate students are required to either enroll in SHIP or waive out of SHIP during the Fall Open Enrollment.  Full time students will be charged for SHIP on their student financial account.  Check charges on your student financial account regularly at  Submit a waiver promptly in order to avoid the charge. 

SHIP Open Enrollment:  June 17, 2024 - September 19, 2024

More Information about the SHIP Enrollment

  • When enrolling in SHIP, students are opting into an annual SHIP 
  • The coverage period for the Fall SHIP is August 1, 2024 - July 31, 2025.  
  • Students who graduate in December, SHIP will end on December 31, 2024. 
  • Students who do not graduate in December, SHIP will continue through July 31, 2025.
  • The Fall SHIP charge will appear on student accounts in August.
  • The Spring SHIP charge will appear on student accounts in January.

More Information about the SHIP Waiver

  • Students who already have acceptable insurance must submit a waiver to avoid the SHIP charge on their student financial account.
  • A waiver submitted during fall open enrollment is good for one year.  
  • A new waiver must be submitted each year.
  • To avoid a charge on your student financial account, submit a waiver promptly.
  • If no waiver is submitted, full time students will be enrolled in SHIP and will be charged for SHIP on their student financial account.
  • Go to to check charges.


The students groups listed below are encouraged to have health insurance but are not required by UMD policy to participate in the SHIP Enrollment/Waiver Process. Their student accounts will not be charged.  If registered for at least one credit, these students are eligible to enroll in the SHIP using the Voluntary Enrollment Process. 

Part-time students (less than 48 units)
Certificate students
Non-degree seeking students
Students enrolled in exclusively online programs
Shady Grove Students
Students on an Approved Leave of Absence

Who is eligible for Voluntary SHIP Enrollment Process

To enroll in SHIP using the voluntary enrollment process, go to and click on "Student Groups eligible for Voluntary Enrollment" section. When enrolling in SHIP using the voluntary enrollment, students pay the insurance premium by credit card or ACH debit on the AHP website. 

If eligibily requirements are met, the groups listed below are elibible for voluntary enrollment. 

Exempt student groups (listed above)
Student using a Qualifying Event Process
MEI Students
Students on an approved Leave of Absence
SHIP Bridge Plan (one month extension for SHIP enrollees graduating in August)
SROP Scholars (summer plan, only)
Research Scholars
Postdoctoral Associates
AES Enrollment

Who is NOT eligible for the Voluntary SHIP Enrollment Process?

Anyone who is no longer registered as a student
Recent graduates
Students in other USM institutions


Please email with questions about the waiver process.

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