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Health Insurance Policy & Compliance

As of Fall 2020, all students enrolled full-time in a master’s or doctoral program at the University of Maryland, College Park campus must have health insurance coverage. Full-time students are those who are enrolled for at least 48 units for the semester or 36 units for a 12-week term. Part-time students, non-degree-seeking students, students enrolled in certificate programs, exclusively online programs, and/or programs at the Shady Grove campus are encouraged but not required to have health insurance, unless the student's immigration status requires insurance. 

Please view the full policy in the Graduate Catalog.

Please note, there is no waiver process for graduate students.  The waiver process is for undergraduates only.  If undergrads do not waive, then they are automatically billed. 
Graduate Students are asked to report their insurance if it is external to UMD.  If you enroll in a state o fMaryland plan or the Student insurance plan, then we will know you have insurance and no further action is required. If you enroll in a plan external to UMD (not the state plan and not SHIP) then we ask you to report it to us so that we know you are in compliance with the policy.  More details are below.

To comply with this policy, please select one of the options below:

  • Enroll in the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) (available to all students).  SHIP open enrollment is July 15 – September 15. For more information about SHIP or to enroll in SHIP, students must go to the AHP website at umdgrad.myahpcare.comWhen a student enrolls in SHIP, the Graduate School will know that there is coverage. Students do not need to notify us.   

  • Enroll in the State of Maryland Employee Health Plan (available to graduate assistants (GAs) only). Graduate Assistants have 60 days from the start of the assistantship to opt in to the Maryland State Employee Health Plan.  More information about the state plan can be found at  When a student enrolls in a state health plan through their own GAship, the Graduate School will know that there is coverage. Students do not need to notify us.

  • Enroll in a plan external to UMD (not SHIP and not a State plan).  If a student enrolls in a spousal plan, parental plan, or in a plan external to UMD, students are asked to complete the External Health Insurance Reporting Form to report their insurance information to the Graduate School.  This form is available on the AHP website at and must be completed each academic year.  When going to this form, you will see the term waiver.  Please disregard that term.  Graduate students do not need to waive, they only need to report. 

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