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Virtual Learning Platform: Beyond the Professoriate

Doctoral students and Postdoctoral Scholars of all disciplines have 24/7 access to an e-learning platform, Beyond the Professoriate. This platform offers asynchronous, recorded content, live webinars and events, and career prep worksheets. You will find resources on the following topics: (1) Career Transition Self-Assessment Tool; (2) Interview Library; (3) Professional Careers; (4) Academic Careers; (5) Live Webinars.

To access the platform, visit Beyond the Professoriate (this is the access link, please click) and you will be prompted to select your institution from the list. Choose "University of Maryland - College Park" and you will be redirected to your UMD Central Authentication Service (CAS) page to input your directory ID and passphrase.

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Scheduled Live Events and Webinars (2024-2025)

If you couldn't attend the session live, please register for the event in order to receive a link to replay.

Asynchronous, Recorded Content

The curriculum in the Beyond Prof PhD Career Training Platform is designed to move you through the four stages of the PhD career transition with purpose and strategy. Learn which of the four stages you are at by taking this quiz, and the platform will tell you which course is right for you. 

Get advice on how to decide between academic or nonacademic careers (click to watch this lesson) — Not sure if you want to stay in academia or pursue other opportunities? Watch our lessons on how to decide when it's time to pivot. These short lessons will help you make an informed decision about the financial costs and how to decide what’s right for you.

Are you wondering what you can do with your degree? The video library features 1:1 interviews with PhDs from all academic disciplines. It is designed to help you explore career options and gain advice from PhDs who have successfully built meaningful careers.

You can filter videos by "academic disciplines" and "values and interests" to identify PhDs who find meaningful work in and outside of academia and learn more about their career transition journeys. 

Access lessons that will help you navigate the Academic Job Market and the Professional (non-academic) Job Market.

Learn the four stages of a successful job search — Many PhDs launch a professional job search by simply submitting resumes to online job postings. Unfortunately, this isn’t an effective job search strategy and it will set you up for a long, frustrating job search. Take Course 1 in Professional Careers (a series of short, 20 minute webinars), so you can learn the difference between professional and academic job searches.

1. Discovery stage: start here if you aren't sure about your career options

2. Research stage: start here if you know what career fields interest you

3. Implement stage: start here if you've already chosen a career field and are applying for jobs

4. How PhDs build careers:

Professional Careers

1. Evaluate stage: start here if you are wondering if a faculty career is right for you.

2. Apply stage: start here if you are preparing application documents for a faculty job search.

3. Demonstrate stage: start here if you have a first-round or on-campus interview.

4. Pivot stage: start here if you are considering a second or third year on the academic job market.

Faculty Careers
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