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Workshops, Retreats, and Write-Ins

The Graduate Writing Center offers many workshops, of varying length, to support graduate students with their writing. All workshops are open to enrolled University of Maryland graduate students free of charge. We also welcome suggestions for workshops and will design and provide programs for specific disciplinary needs upon request. Please contact Dr. Linda Macri, Director of Academic and Professional Development, with questions.

For Fall 2021, the Graduate School Writing Center will offer the following:  

Literature Review Series 

Join the Graduate School Writing Center and the Libraries for a series of workshops focusing on the literature review process and the connection between writing and reading in your research.  Students are invited to participate in any of these workshops; though offered as a series, it’s not necessary to participate in each workshop. Workshops will be offered virtually.

Understanding the Literature Review -- September 28, 12pm-1pm Register here 

New to research writing at the graduate level, or getting ready to write your first literature review?  Not sure how to start the process of a literature review?  Join us for this workshop to understand the fundamentals of a literature review. 

Searching for sources -- October 5, 12pm-1pm Register here 

How do you run an efficient and effective search when looking for sources and citations for a literature review or other research project? Join us to learn about how to frame and conduct your search on databases and search engines, and get a brief introduction to citation managers.

How to Pick Your Citation Manager -- October 7, 12:30-1:30pm Register here 

Have you wanted to use citation management software but aren’t sure where to start? Then this is the workshop for you! This workshop will go offer a brief overview of the citation management software available through UMD, an introduction to the UMD open courses on citation management, and information about how to download the software.

Reading and Note Taking for Your Literature Review -- October 12, 12pm-1pm Register here 

You’ve collected your articles—now you have to read them! Join us to learn more about reading for writing, effective note taking, and writing brief summaries for literature review process.

Equtable Citation Practice -- October 26, 12pm-1pm Registtration coming soon 

Journals are increasingly inviting diversity statements for articles; a collective statement published recently tells us bluntly, “It's simple: Cite Black Women”  (Smith, Williams, Wadud, Pirtle,  & Cite Black Women Collective 2021). Join us for this workshop to learn how to build a more equitable citation practice in your research, for your literature review and beyond.

Applying for Grants and Fellowships 

  • Ford Foundation Fellowship Workshops

The Graduate School Writing Center, in conjunction with the Office of Graduate Diversity and Inclusion (OGDI), will offer a series of workshops for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows interested in applying for Ford Foundation Fellowships.

Introduction to the Ford Foundation Fellowships September 29 (virtual) or September 30 (hybrid -- join online or in person in Lee 2122), 3:30-5pm 

We’ll start this workshop series with an introduction to the Ford Foundation Fellowships, addressing questions such as what do they fund, when should you apply, what’s involved in applying.  Please take a look at the website for the Ford Foundation Fellowships before the workshop.

Writing a Personal Statement for the Ford Foundation Fellowship – October 19, 3:30-5pm (virtual) -- Register here 

Writing the Proposed Plan of Study & Statement of Previous Research for the Ford Foundation Fellowship – November 4, 3:30-5pm (hybrid) -- Register here 

  • Grant Geographies 

October 12, 3-4 pm (hybrid) or October 13, 3-4 pm (virtual) -- Register here for October 12 -- Register here for October 13 

Join us to learn how to find and apply for grants and fellowships to support your dissertation research.

  • Applying for Fellowships & Awards

December 8, 3-4pm (virtual); December 9, 3-4pm (hybrid); December 15 (virtual)

Join us to learn more about the Graduate School’s internal grants and awards. We’ll discuss the Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowship and the Summer Research Fellowships in detail and offer guidance on how to write an effective statement about your research.

Job Document Preparation Series 

More info coming soon!

Write Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks 

week of September 20 through week of December 13 -- REGISTER HERE 

Need to get started on publishing elements of your dissertation? Do you have research waiting to be “written up” but struggle to make the time to write? Do you have an article that needs to be reconfigured for a new journal, or with new data? Join other doctoral and postdoctoral scholars this semester and complete the article as part of a community of writers. The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs and the Graduate School Writing Center are sponsoring this twelve week writing series, using Wendy L. Belcher’s well-known Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success, as a guide for the summer.

This will be a guided but asynchronous series. The series will be organized through ELMS, with participants in writing groups for accountability and peer review. To the extent possible, participants will be organized into writing groups along disciplinary lines. Each week, you'll receive guidance about tasks for the week and you'll meet with your writing group for a check-in and peer review (day and time to be determined by the group members). We suggest, but don't require, that you have a copy of the book.  Questions?  Contact Linda Macri (

Formatting Fridays

You thought writing your thesis or dissertation was a challenge. . . wait until you have to format it!  Better yet, don’t wait!  Instead, join us for a Formatting Friday to learn about what you need to do to format your thesis or dissertation for submission to ProQuest.  No registration for these drop-in sessions; just bring your document and your questions. 

Weekly Write-Ins

Virtual Write-Ins are back for Fall 2021! Join us each Friday Morning from 9-11am EDT: (advance registration is not required--click on that link to join).

Writing regularly and with a sense of support contributes to accomplishing writing goals. You can join your graduate and postdoctoral colleagues every Friday morning for structured time to write. All graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty are welcome. Sign in with your writing goal and/or writing question, use the "pomodoro method" to structure two hours of writing time. Fellows from the Graduate School Writing Center will be available to offer support in brief, one-on-one consultations. 

GradTerp Exchange Preparation Workshop

Interested in giving a talk at our monthly GradTerp Exchange – or just learning how to offer a talk for an audience outside your discipline? At this workshop, we’ll talk about using narrative, humor, strong visuals, and other features of a great talk for a broad audience, and you will have the chance to experiment with ideas and techniques and get feedback from your peers and fellows from the Graduate School Writing Center.




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