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Outstanding Graduate Assistant Awards

Approximately 4,000 UMD graduate students also serve as teaching, research, or administrative assistants. The Graduate School recognizes the outstanding contributions that these GAs provide to students, faculty, departments, administrative units, and the University as a whole. The Graduate School awards approximately 80 Outstanding Graduate Assistant Awards annually, which represents roughly the top 2% of campus GA's in a given year.  The AY 20-21 Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award winners will receive a credit for mandatory fees in the Spring 2021 Semester and will be invited to attend the Graduate School's Annual Fellowship and Award Celebration in May 2021.

Eligibility:  Graduate students must be currently enrolled masters or doctoral students holding at least a half-time graduate assistantship (TA, RA, or AA) for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021.

Selection Process:  The AY 20-21 Outstanding Graduate Assistants will be selected by their college/school.  The nomination and selection process will occur during the Fall 2020 Semester.   Colleges and schools must submit their OGA selections to the Graduate School by Wednsday, December 9, 2020.  Please inquire with your department's coordinator to learn more about the nomination and selection process.


Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award Guidelines 


Past Award Recipients

Outstanding Graduate Assistants for 2020-21
Outstanding Graduate Assistants for 2019-20 

Outstanding Graduate Assistants for 2018-19
Outstanding Graduate Assistants for 2017-18
Outstanding Graduate Assistants for 2016-17
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