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Kulkarni Foundation Summer Research Fellowship

Dr. Ashok Kulkarni, a distinguished alumnus of the India Institute of Technology and the University of Maryland Graduate School, generously endowed the Kulkarni Fellowships. They are intended specifically to help graduates of IIT enrolled in post-graduate studies at the University of Maryland to achieve their academic goals. Together with funding from the Graduate School and campus graduate programs, the Kulkarni endowment provides research support to four University of Maryland doctoral students.

The Kulkarni Fellowships are a cost-share program that provides research support for doctoral students at “mid-career” and enables recipients to devote a summer of focused work to prepare for or complete a key program benchmark.  The Fellowships carry a stipend of $5,000 with specific cost-share requirements which are detailed in the guidelines.

Eligibility: Eligible candidates for the Kulkarni Fellowship must be graduates of the Indian Institute of Technology and currently enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of Maryland. Candidates must be able to show that a summer of focused work will enable them to advance toward their degree. Up to two students per program may be nominated.

Nomination Process:  Nomination Deadline is noon, Wednesday February 21, 2024.

Kulkarni Summer Research Fellowship Guidelines and Nomination Cover Sheet

DGS Questionnaire:  PDF  /  Word

Graduate News Spotlight: Kulkarni Fellows meet their Benefactors

Award Recipients


Het Kiritbhai Mevada, Mechanical Engineering
Purbesh Mitra, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Vinu Sankar Sadasivan, Computer Science
Sourabh Shubham, Geology


Meenal Jain, Chemistry
Priyanka Kaswan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Dewansh Rastogi, Chemcial Engineering
Vishnu Sharma, Computer Science


Hema Choudhary,Chemical Engineering
Smrithan Ravichandran, Chemical Physics
Gowthami Somepalli, Computer Science

Sai Subraveti, Chemical Engineering


Subhojit Dutta, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kamal Gupta, Computer Science
Neha Joshi, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ahana Mallick, Biology


Pranava Jayanti, Physics
Gaurav Kumar, Mechanical Engineering
Mel Vallimyalil, Policy Studies


Proloy Das, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Abhish Dev, Physics
Surabhi Rani, Nutrition and Food Science
Saurabh Saxena, Mechanical Engineering


Vipin Agarwal, Mechanical Engineering
Faez Ahmed, Mechanical Engineering
Ayan Mallik, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Debdatta Sinha Roy, Decision, Operations, and Information Technology


Pradip Gatkine, Astronomy
Souvik Bhattacherjee, Computer Science
Pritam Mukherjee, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Shayandev Sinha, Mechanical Engineering


Arnab Dhabal, Astronomy
Snigdha Chaturvedi, Computer Science
Abhinav Mishra, Nutrition and Food Science
Jayanta Mondal, Computer Science


Shantanu Debnath, Physics
Anup Menon, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ayan Moitra&nbsp, Mechanical Engineering
Venkata Puvvada, Electrical and Computer Engineering


Biswadip Dey, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ravi Garg, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Srimoyee Sen, Physics
Vikas Shivashankar, Computer Science

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