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University, Dean's, and Merit Program (FY 17 and before)

The Graduate School's University, Dean's, and Merit Fellowships are offered by graduate programs to incoming students as part of a recruitment package allowing great flexibility in creating overall support packages for students.  This program is valid for students who were enrolled in their program in FY17 or before. 

The Graduate School allocates a certain number of University and Dean’s Fellowships to each college. Colleges then allocate the fellowships to programs who are then responsible for identifying and recruiting outstanding students. Programs can use their allocated fellowship funds to create competitive support packages.  Merit Fellowships are stipend-only fellowships that carry no tuition awards and can be awarded in amounts of $2,000 or higher to students for purposes of recruitment or retention.

Current Graduate School guidelines for fellowship tuition awards remain in effect.

Graduate School applicants and current students should contact the relevant program for more information on University, Dean’s, and Merit fellowships offered within the program.

University, Dean's and Merit Fellowship Program (FY 17 and before) - Power Point Presentation