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President's Fellowship

In accordance with our core values, mission, and desire to create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable campus environment, we are launching a new diversity initiative, the President’s Fellowship, aimed at recruiting outstanding doctoral students.  The goal is to increase doctoral program diversity by recruiting top  doctoral students based on their demonstrated contributions to program diversity.

President’s Fellowships are multi-year enhancement awards to be added to full assistantship and fellowship support offers normally made by graduate programs. The President’s Fellowship enhancement award may total up to $60,000 per student over the duration of the award.  Graduate programs must commit to sharing the cost of the President’s Fellowship, as described below.
Eligibility: Candidates must be entering at the doctoral level for Fall 2022 with exceptional qualifications and clear promise for outstanding performance in doctoral study, who would contribute to program diversity and increase representation in programs where minorities are underrepresented. 
Nomination Deadline:  January 31, 2022 

President's Award Guidelines (AY 22-23)  (coming soon)